Group of products including a giant Omg Lolly, personalised Happy Sad Keyring and Let's Get A Maccies Mini Mirror

The FML Edit

Know someone who liked their ex’s pic… from 2001? Or spilled coffee on their new work laptop? We’ve all had our fair share of FML moments but our epic gifts will turn bad days into the best days.

Introducing the FML moments

fuming written on yellow background


Bestie lost out on tickets to the concert everyone’s going to? Dog chewed your partner’s fave pair of shoes? We’ve got a gift for that.

cringe written on pink background


Mate been walking around with their zipper down all day? Or said “you too” when the barista said “enjoy your coffee”? We’ve got a gift for that.

work drama written on blue background

Work drama

Boss took credit for your work wife’s great idea? Been sent another email outside of work hours? We’ve got a gift for that.

frazzled written on orange background


Baby kept them up allll night? Co-worker slept through all their alarms? We’ve got a gift for that.

epic fail written on light blue background

Epic fail

Flat mate left a red sock in with all their whites? Smashed their phone screen (again)? We’ve got a gift for that.

love trouble written on green background

Love trouble

Have they been ghosted? Or dropped the L-bomb only for them to say “I love spending time with you”? We’ve got a gift for that.

Image of the FML store front

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Want to experience The FML Edit IRL? Share your messiest FML moment with us in exchange for one of our dreamy gifts. We’ll be at 68 Old Compton Street, London from 29th September to the 30th September (12-8pm).

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