why shop with us

We could give you a million reasons (the ‘have to have this’ jewellery, the on-trend homeware, the original gifts...) But those are for you to discover, so we’ll start with our favourite three:

1) We champion creative entrepreneurs

Every time you shop with us, you'll help support some of the UK's best small creative businesses (more than 5,000 sell through our site — we call them our Partners).

2) We’re very picky

Each of our products are handpicked by our experts. We choose gifts that are unique, thoughtful and truly personal — not just personalised. That’s why with many of our products, you can choose the colour, font, style, material and add your own special message.

3) We pride ourselves on quality

High quality means a lot to us and our Partners. We want you to enjoy that ‘new love’ feeling for even longer, and give gifts that last.