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Northumbrian Candleworks has a passion for fragrance! We specialise in producing artisan made candles and home fragrances, all made by hand in our Northumbrian workshop, using only the finest organic and natural ingredients. Our fragrances are amongst the best available and throw a lovely, natural, balanced and authentic scent throughout the lifetime of the product. The recipes for our scented soy candles have been developed over years and are hugely popular with customers all over the UK and overseas.

We use only pure natural soy wax in our candle making – it is 100% GM free, with no pesticides or herbicides used at any stage in its cultivation. It comes from a sustainable source and is naturally bio-degradable, so really is an eco-friendly product. Soy wax also burns cleanly, so doesn’t give off any soot to blacken walls and ceilings. It burns at a lower temperature too, so lasts longer than other candles.

The ingredients we provide in our Make Your Own Candle Kits are exactly the same as we would use in our workshop, so you know that the candles you make will also be environmentally friendly, that they will burn beautifully and, above all, will smell divine!

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