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MommaMakes came to being from seeing beautiful babies in fabulous accessories on the likes of Instagram and Facebook, it got us thinking 'we want to see more of this'. Searching the internet we found these items hard to come by and decided, why not make these ourselves! It was only for our baby, Edie, but as soon as we started posting pictures of her in the items we were inundated with questions about 'where are they from?', 'where can I buy them?' and 'I need that!' Before we knew it we were busy making items at the request of other mothers and people wanting to buy gifts for newborns. As it got more and more busy we decided we wanted to turn this hobby into a proper business offering outstanding customer service, fast delivery and super quick response time. All of our items (other than the handmade ones) are in stock and ready to post immediately. We know its exhausting being a parent and time just seems to fly by so we aim to bring you the best clothes with the minimum of fuss. For us its about making it easy for you to find what you like and have it within days. We want to see you and your babies enjoying wearing our items as much as we love seeing Edie in her items!

We love gender neutral clothes so the majority of products you'll find (barring the obvious) will look amazing on both boys and girls! We are constantly updating our store with new products and are on a continuous mission to source clothes from all corners of the planet to make your little ones look great!

As we are a small family run business we feel we can offer you a more bespoke service which we found surprisingly lacking on the internet. We will endeavour to meet your every need to make sure you are overjoyed at buying from MommaMakes.

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