'Artisan' and 'marshmallow' are not words you might normally put together, but that's exactly what Harley Sweet is about.

Started by me, Madeleine Harley, with the remains of a student over draft Harley Sweet takes an artisanal approach to marshmallow making.

Ingredients: I use only real, pure ingredients to flavour my marshmallows, no extracts or essences which contain added alcohol, sugar, and E numbers. So you'll find our vanilla marshmallow is flavoured with pure Madagascan vanilla bean. My Mint-Choc Stracciatella marshmallow is flavoured with pure Hampshire grown peppermint oil.

You also won't find any colourings in Harley Sweet marshmallows, they get their lovely colours from the real ingredients they are flavoured with.

It took months of experimenting to achieve what I think is the perfect marshmallow texture, not too chewy or dense, but also not something that's not so light it fizzes away to nothing in your mouth. It had to be soft, fluffy, melt in the mouth deliciousness. I got there in the end, and that fabulous marshmallow texture is the foundation of all my mallows.

I love to experiment with different flavours, so it's always worth checking back in as I'm constantly adding new flavours.

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