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About Me

I'm a digital painter from London and I create contemporary portraits. The finished pieces are printed on a range of speciality papers.

Throughout my career as an artist I have worked in many areas of art & design. After setting up a small-press comic book label I started drawing portraits for my readers. The demand for my portraits has grown each year, which has greatly influenced the direction of my work.

Creating portraits for people is a rewarding and positive experience. It's very personal. I love to hear the reactions of my customer's friends and relatives. It's this reaction that drives me to put my best work onto the digital canvas.

Alongside capturing an accurate likeness to my subjects, I aim to create portraits that are alive and that carry emotion. The style of my work is very modern and uses methods from both traditional fine art and comic book illustration.

As an artist, I like to keep in touch with my audience and answer any questions that they might have. I really enjoy creating digital art that has the ability to become a talking point.

Contemporary Portrait exampleBryn G Jones at a conventionContemporary portrait example

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