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All about taste, quality, purity with a smidgeon of creativity & a hint of luxury.

Amelia was born to be independent and lead a team rather than follow – a definite challenge for her poor parents! She grew up in Essex in a small family and has always referred back to her childhood environment for inspiration. For example, the Maldon Sea Salt used to flavour her chocolate originates from Essex and always brings a soft reminder of her roots with every taste.

As a child she was fortunate but not spoilt and when it came to pocket money her father had a strict policy: go and earn it! This mentality spurred Amelia on to become the entrepreneur that she is today.

Amelia had a few business ventures through her 20’s and 30’s and also trained as an Aromatherapist which is now a huge part of her inspiration and flavouring techniques used in her chocolate.

After much encouragement and support from the key individuals in Amelia’s life, the time came in September 2007 when Amelia Rope Chocolate was officially founded.

She now bases her company in London whilst having her chocolates all handmade in England by a small family run team.

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  • "'just right to melt in the mouth. I loved the blend of honeycomb (another one of my favourite additions, along with pistachios. The white bar gave a totally different lovely flavour.'"
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    Evette (Bizzimummy)

  • "'Thank you so much for the lovely Chocolates!'"
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    Sarah Barnet

Press Comments

"‘widely travelled queen of flavour….’"
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Sep 2016

The Telegraph Weekend

"‘I have a soft spot for Amelia Rope Chocolate. …. If you want an alternative to mass-produced marlarkey, these are the ones.’"
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Mar 2016

Rachel Khoo Daily Mail


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