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I want to passionately reassure you that you deserve your own kindness - the kindness you freely show a friend.

A big hello, wave, smile and hug is going to you right now, from me, Rachel, the person behind Give Yourself Kindness.

I feel so passionate to Share Give Yourself Kindness with you. I hope it can be..

A journal to support you to develop self-compassion and self-kindness.

A space to reassure you that no emotion is 'right' or 'wrong', 'good' or 'bad'.

A place where you try to notice your emotions, and explore them always coming back to kindness and compassion.

A guide to develop a gratitude practice - scientifically proven to improve your health and wellbeing.

A reassuring hand that with kindness you can challenge your thoughts.

A place to remember that being human means being imperfect.


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Message from Rachel

I'm sending you a massive smile.

I want to thank you so much for reading this, I hope I have reassured you that you deserve to give yourself kindness. I hope I can continue to reassure you that whatever emotion you feel is OK, whatever emotion you feel will pass. That noticing your emotions gives you the power to challenge them, without judgement, just kindness.

I also want to let you know where this all came from. I was very ill with Anorexia for many years, terrified of my emotions and unable to notice or feel them. My recovery became completely transformed by some amazing Compassion Focused therapy, it was life changing to me, in many ways, one way being that after it, I felt desperately and passionately driven to spread it's message. And that was the beginning of Give Yourself Kindness, and I feel so excited for it's journey now..

Love & kindness,


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  • "This is a beautiful book both inside and out, from the first touch of the cover you feel the warmth and genuine love that has been invested in creating it. This is not just another self help, mindfulness book, it’s a genuine guide to help you to explore your daily emotions, bringing you strength and positivity every day. It takes your hand and helps you to explore your emotions, acknowledge them and then find your own solutions for a contented life. "
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  • "I had read that it was good to write down three things that you are grateful for each day but when I tried I found it really hard and that made me feel bad. After several weeks using my Give Yourself Kindness journal I now find it much easier to identify gratitude and lots, lots more! Thank you."
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  • "The journal for me, is a journey to come to terms and make friends with my emotions. Each page turned and engaged with is an opening of a door just that little bit more. I like the language used, for me it is a honest, thoughtful and is always a loving reminder to be kind with myself. The journal is a personal experience and one I recommend everyone to consider taking."
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  • "I like the look and feel of this journal, the texture of the cover is sensory feedback to the nervous system, the colours and font are very pleasing to me."
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