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Our selection of Bean to Bar Chocolate - each bar has its own unique flavour profile.

About Lucocoa

Lucocoa - London's FIRST Bean to Bar Chocolate Makers

Welcome to Lucocoa Chocolate! We make our chocolate absolutely from scratch - something incredibly rare in the chocolate industry.

Amarachi founded Lucocoa in 2015 after realising that there was no breadth or depth of offering in a market dominated by poor quality chocolate. Ama realised that even chocolate makers who called themselves 'Artisan', 'Craft' and 'Raw' were not in fact any of those things. Most chocolate companies don't make their chocolate themselves!

Discovering that cacao, just like wine and coffee, delivers intricate flavours when correctly roasted, but that the market instead chose to sell over-roasted and emulsified blends of bulk generic cacao, she decided to do something about it by making chocolate from bean to bar (from scratch) removing all nasties and not using refined sugar - Opting for unrefined coconut sugar and lucuma, a fruit from Peru, instead.

We have a range of seven delicious handmade varieties of chocolate and we also make Haitian hot chocolate.

Our selection of 25g bars.Our selection of 50g bars.Meet our maker! Amarachi makes every single Lucocoa product herself under one roof!
Stone grinding, or 'Conching' takes place over three full days!
Stonegrinding cocoabeans

What does bean to bar mean?

- And why were we London's first chocolate makers to use this method?

'Bean to Bar' simply means that every step of the process of turning cocoa beans into finished bars of chocolate is done under one roof (and in our case, by one person - Ama!). This sounds pretty simple, but unfortunately most chocolate companies do not make chocolate this way, instead choosing to outsource cocoa mass and cheaper fats that have already been processed and mix them together - this is NOT artisan!

We do not need to outsource cocoa mass or fats because because both cocoa mass and cocoa butter can be extracted from cacao nibs, so long as you have the time and patience - which we do!

We believe that cocoa beans should be treated with the same respect as coffee beans or wine grapes and we want you to be able to taste the full flavour of each variant of bean. Therefore we meticulously experiment with each variety to find the perfect roasting time and temperature to bring out the beans' unique flavour profiles.

Once you taste bean to bar chocolate you'll never go back!

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