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About Billy Franks

The 'Aston Martin' of Beef Jerky

Having grown up in Texas, founder Will Yates was literally teethed on a piece of beef jerky (ok, we exaggerate!). When he moved back to the UK, he was unable find anything as healthy, wholesome and tasty as traditional Texan style jerky. So he started producing small batches using the best grass-fed beef he could find to satisfy his cravings. After much praise from friends in the food industry, Will set up his own website to bring his delicious, high-quality meat treats to the masses - and Billy Franks was born...

What started off as a passionate hobby in Will’s home kitchen grew and grew, so much so, that he left his job to make jerky full time. He moved production into a small unit above a brewery in Hackney Wick for a couple of years and then last year, after a successful crowd funding campaign, moved into a much larger space behind food mecca, Maltby Street Market. Billy Franks is currently stocked in Wholefoods, Selfridges, Brewdog and Picturehouse Cinema, to name a few...

Billy Franks Texan BBQ Beef JerkyBilly Franks himself at the jerky ranch
Jerky at the Gym

About our products

The healthiest (and tastiest) jerky in the UK

All jerky is not created equal. Some jerky's, whilst high in protein, are laden with sugar, salt and preservatives. Billy Franks has the highest protein content of any jerky in the UK (up to 2.5 x as much!) and uses only grass-fed British beef and English Rose turkey to make its award-winning jerky snacks.

Our products contain no refined sugars, using only natural, and where possible, organic ingredients to make our secret marinades. Billy Franks doesn’t add anything to help preserve its jerky because we believe that dehydrating our meat is preservative enough and it if means we don’t have an 18-month shelf life, then so be it.

Our savoury meat snacks make the perfect gift for jerky and biltong connoisseurs, carnivores looking for something new to gnaw on, fitness fanatics, those on a health kick or as a treat for yourself to enjoy with a pint or glass of wine.

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Press Comments

"Made with Proper British Beef and flavored with the finest herbs and spices, it's the Aston Martin of jerky."
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Mar 2013

Daily Mail

"An American snack, made better by the British. But more Yee-hah! then OK yah. The best jerky I've ever tasted."
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Feb 2015

"Billy Franks is bossing the British Beef Jerky game with a huge selection of drool inducing flavours."
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Feb 2016


"Traditionally, jerky has been given a bad name because lots of salt has been used to preserve the meat, but new brands such as Billy Franks aim to reduce the sodium content while retaining maximum flavour. There you have it – jerky is a bonafide superfood. And if you couldn’t care less about how good it is for you, then just know it’s a perfect accompaniment to a nice cold pint."
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Feb 2017


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