Our typographic city maps show all districts of a city in their actual borders. This results in a letter map, in which each district is located in the exact spot it belongs. They also feature numerous unofficial, grown areas and neighbourhoods in their exact spot, which you don’t normally find in regular maps. These quarters make the viewer identify with their own town and neighbourhood.

Another feature is that we keep the letters in their natural shape, without distortion or bending. This results in topography emerging from typography, as the font size determines the population density of a quarter.

The common features of contemporary maps, except for rivers, are not shown in our maps and the viewer must move from district to district when trying to read them. This is how the viewer comes to encounter districts, which they rarely or never do in real life.

We are printing our type posters as genuine screen prints, exclusively handmade in our own printing workshop. In screen printing, the paint forms an attractive contrast on top of the surface of the selected natural paper resulting in a high quality handmade product.

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