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Tiwari House organic wines

Wine shouldn’t ask you to be part of its story. It should help you tell yours. That’s why Tiwari wines are created through the concept of the “Unwritten Poem.”

Situated in the volcanic hills around Hungary’s Lake Balaton, Tiwari House winery takes full advantage of the region’s mineral-rich soils and unique climate to produce a range of outstanding organic, vegan and natural sparkling wines.

At Tiwari House, we’re putting out a call to the gate crashers and the Luminous Rebels that break through barriers to shine their light upon the world and help others do the same.

Like you, we see wine as having a greater purpose than pairing perfectly with an entrée. It’s a catalyst, an opportunity to bring together the people you love, celebrate their uniqueness, and write an unforgettable story together.

Unfortunately, too many winemakers revel in conformity. They want to define the story for you. You’re asked to focus on their story, their history and reputation, and their “sophistication.” Worse yet, you’re asked to believe it’s their name that makes your moment special.

Wine shouldn’t ask you to be part of its story. It should help you tell yours.

That’s why Tiwari wines are created through the concept of the “Unwritten Poem.” Every vintage is a unique, opening stanza inviting you to complete its story. We infuse our wines with the values of self-expression before placing the story in your hands.

Welcome to artisanal wine for the rebel artist’s heart. You’re invited to break the “rules” you were taught about wine. Forget what you’ve been told about how foods to pair, the right season to drink Rose, or how sparkling wine is only for certain occasions. This is your story, and we’ve created versatile, uncompromising blends to support the moment you want to create.

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Award-winning Unwritten Poem Organic & Vegan Wines
Unwritten Poem Wines

Awards and Praises

All Tiwari House wines have won Drinks Business awards and highly praised by Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, Chefs, and discerning consumers

Creativity - Tiwari House wines are forged in the intersection of innovation and ancient tradition. We honor the timeless truths of Hungarian winemaking while using technological advances to create brand-new experiences.

Vintage Wines - Every wine is a unique expression of the year which shaped it and the harvest which gives it life.

Honoring Nature’s Voice - Tiwari House honors the unique voice of our terroir. Our wines are created in harmony with nature and with minimal intervention to the natural gifts of the vineyard’s volcanic soil.

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