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We rear Wild Boar in woodland on the edge of the Cotswolds for the table market as delicious salami and chorizo, and we also provide meat.

Boar tend to be pretty unruly. A sow with young can be aggressive and the males have four inch long tusks - uppers called 'honours' and lowers called 'rippers' - which sharpen every time they open and close their mouths. When a 20 stone boar comes towards you with those gnashers you know about it! I have pock marked and scarred legs from past encounters!

You can't truly 'farm' wild boar as they are so difficult to do anything with. I have never had to catch a sow, A boar? God no!

The slow grown meat (they take four times longer than pork to grow) makes the most fantastic charcuterie, low in saturated fat, high in protein, it makes a great gift with a good shelf life.

I am never far from charcuterie as it is so easy to graze, if I have the urge I will chop some salami up and pop it in some pasta, risotto or scrambled egg - can't go wrong with that even if you can't cook!

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2nd class posting Royal Mail, proof of posting for small packages, courier for larger orders.

During the Christmas season I am often away at fairs and will be unable to post your delivery until I get back sometimes a couple of days later

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Boar are slow growing and will be caught when they are caught, cured when they are cured and occasionally there may be a delay in getting these products to you but we will let you know if this is the case.

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