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All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol

STRYKK isn’t a massive lifestyle shift, we’re not preaching any zany new doctrine, we’re not even anti-alcohol. We’re just about choice. A Plan B (or Plan A, depending) for those times when you’re up for a night out with great drinks, but you just don’t want the tricky morning after.

If you had a gin and tonic yesterday, have a NOT G*N and Tonic today. It's what you drink in the places you usually drink it. Simple.

Finding a good non-alcoholic gin in 2017 wasn’t easy – in fact getting your hands any decent low alcohol options at the bar was like the eleventh task of Hercules. Then in 2018, NOT G*N made its debut, alongside our NOT R*M - the brainchildren of Alex Carlton from Funkin Cocktails, a bar-world veteran with more than two decades under his belt. These pioneering alcohol-free spirits were studiously developed for over two years under the watchful tutelage of some of the UK’s most distinguished bartenders, and were joined in 2019 by our non-alcoholic vodka… (you guessed it) NOT V*DKA. In 2021 NOT VANILLA V*DKA joined the family, perfect for a non alcoholic versions of the UK's favourite cocktails - the Pornstar Martini

STRYKK NOT G*N Bottle STRYKK Espresso Martini All the Spirit, None of the Alcohol

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  • "Recently tried the NOT Vanilla v*dka and is absolutely amazing!!! Tastes just like having a real one! 10/10 x"
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    Ryan M.

  • "I was surprised at the first sip of the STRYKK Not G*n - refreshing, providing that crackle as it hit the ice, topped with tonic and tasty seasoned with a squeeze of lime. Just like its alcoholic counterpart in my eyes. Really would encourage anyone looking for an alternative to booze to give it a go. Gatsby would approve!"
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  • "A real alternative to alcoholic rum. Delicious "
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    Wendy D.

  • "The flavour of this no alcohol gin was better than I ever could have thought. The herb flavours come through just enough. Still drank with my usual low tonic and it was delicious."
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    Josephine B.


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