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Bringing you comfort for cold feet.

Ours is a simple story really... I suffer really poor circulation in my feet and found out some 20 years ago that I have a circulatory disorder called Raynaud's Syndrome. The effect being that nothing could ever warm my feet up except a hot bath.

As a homeworker sitting at my desk, I found the only respite I got was from placing a hot-water bottle over my slippers, only then did my feet warm up and was I able to get any work done. My eureka moment came when I realised we needed an easy way to bring sustainable heated warmth into the slippers themselves. And so the heat pad concept was born, developed, and now welcomed with open arms (or feet) by many fellow cold feet sufferers.

Once I solved the cold feet problem, I started to think about an even bigger problem. The impact of our lifestyles and the products we buy on the planet. I thought, if I’m pushing boundaries and making strides in the slipper market, why not offer more eco-friendly alternatives as well?

Removable heat pads to warm the toesOur heated slippers with removable heat padsSustainable eco friendly slippers

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