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We create intelligently designed self-assembly lighting, furniture and accessories. Don’t worry though, this isn’t your usual flat-pack headache. Our products require no screws, tools or fixings. It’s simply clever design that slides easily together.

SlideForm was launched in 2016 by Henry Cleaver, a designer and digital fabrication specialist based in London who loves to experiment with different construction techniques. Our aim is to make simple yet inventive products that encourage us to create, customise, and add personality to our living and professional spaces - and to do so with the upmost respect to the environment.

We love the idea of using the natural properties of a material to influence our designs - especially plywood, with its inherent tension and compression characteristics. This enables us to create innovative products that slide together and stay together. There’s just no need for screws or fixings when everything works in harmony.

Each product has been designed, manufactured and hand finished in small batches in the UK. We’re always keen to hear feedback about our work and we’re open to the prospect of bespoke orders, so if you have any questions then please get in touch!

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