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Solving the dilemma of 'What to drink when you're Not drinking®'

Seedlip is a nature company on a mission to solve the dilemma of 'what to drink when you're Not drinking®' with the world's first distilled Non-alcoholic spirits.

Individually copper pot distilled herbs & spices are expertly blended without sugar or sweetener to create an adult & sophisticated alternative when mixed with tonic.

Seedlip is inspired by the 17th Century where apothecaries distilled herbs & spices to create non-alcoholic herbal remedies & the founder's family began farming using a basket to sow seed called a 'Seedlip'.

Perfect for;

Expectant Mothers

Designated Drivers

Mid-week drinking


Christmas & Dry January

GARDEN 108: HERBAL: Handpicked peas & traditional Garden Herb Distillates best served with Fever Tree Tonic

SPICE 94: AROMATIC: A complex blend of Allspice, Bark & Citrus Distillates best served with Fever Tree Tonic

Alcohol Free, Sugar Free, Sweetner Free and Calorie Free

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The World's First Distilled Non-alcoholic Spirits

Our story begins in the 17th Century. Ben’s family began farming using baskets called Seedlips in North Lincolnshire & Apothecaries were distilling non-alcoholic herbal remedies.

Fast forward over 300 years & in his cottage in the woods Ben discovers an ancient book: The Art of Distillation, published in England in 1651. Out of curiosity he buys a small copper still & with herbs from his garden tries to capture nature’s true character, continue his family’s legacy & solve the dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re Not drinking® ’.

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  • "Had this recommended to me by a bartender. Such a great drink when you're trying not to drink mid week."
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  • "A lovely alcohol free drink which makes a great alternative to all the sickly, sugary substitutes."
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    P.R. Osborn

  • "A refreshing drink if you don't want alcohol but fancy something different. Nice with cucumber in it and Tonic."
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    Mrs K A Lawton

  • "Perfect for evenings or lunch time when driving. Great solution."
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    Joani Adkins

Press Comments

"The drink of the season - a spirit with no alcohol. In short, Ben Branson has produced a drink that has the same clean, dry, palate-cleansing finish as alcohol and none of the saccharine aftertaste that blights most soft drinks."
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Mar 2017

The Times

"It's the non-drinker or driver's holy grail, the grown-up non-alcoholic drink that isn't sweet and sickly or tonic without the gin. Bar people mix Seedlip martinis with botanicals...there may be an answer to the designated driver's drink dilemma. "
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Aug 2017

Observer Food Monthly

"It's Never Been Easier or Cooler to Not Drink Booze... Enter Ben Branson, the creator and founder of Seedlip, a line of non-alcoholic distillates with the clever tagline, "What to drink when you're not drinking.""
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Aug 2017

"Botanicals are the key to this summer's most interesting cocktails. Take Seedlip, a line of non-alcoholic spirits based on herbal remedies from the 1651 treatise 'The Art of Distillation'. Made in Copper stills, they range from Spice 94, infused with allspice, cardamom and oak, to Garden 108, flavoured with peas, hay and spearmint."
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Aug 2017



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