Handcrafted bohemian luxe jewellery for the modern day gypsy globe trotter, Saints of Bohemia pieces are made with a nostalgia for those far away dreamy destinations. Whether adding chique silver and turquoise accessories to your beachy, resort wear wardrobe or strong tribal statement adornment pieces for that warrior princess within us all, Saints of Bohemia designs touch upon every essence of the contemporary bohemian with a nod to the traditions of the past. Handcrafted with recycled solid sterling silver and natural turquoise the craftsmanship and materials used make for collections to last the bohemian spirit a lifetime.


Self-taught silversmiths, we are a young couple aiming to create jewellery that stands apart from the ordinary and mundane. We care about design, quality and longevity and this motivates us to construct bold and innovative jewellery that is contemporary and stands apart from the generic, whilst also ensuring our designs endure a lifetime of use.


One lived by the ocean in the Bahamas, the other in an architectural city scape in the heart of London. Our joint experiences in these distinctly opposite environments motivated us to create two brands that allowed us to explore our disparate influences simultaneously. Having spent much time travelling between the two locations, both had plenty of experience in each others' landscapes and thus a dichotomy suited us both: Sister brands, The Beatnik Rebellion and Saints of Bohemia therefore organically came about. We have created two brands to allow you to step into two worlds; to change into a different character and let the style of one or the other influence you, to switch your style up and explore your own fashion persona through striking, bold and daring jewellery.


When starting Saints of Bohemia we really wanted to make sure that we maintained our ethics and didn’t let profit come ahead of our core beliefs: the importance of the environment; fairness to workers; and of course quality. Thus, we will always try to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible as well as ensuring that all of our packaging and products are produced in a fair and ethical manner.

RECYCLED STERLING SILVERThe environmental and social costs of mining silver can be significant and includes massive energy usage, arsenic emissions, cyanide and mercury poisoning, child labour and human rights abuses, as well as vast landscape damage.With this in mind we use silver recycled from scrap jewellery, medical equipment and electronics in an attempt to minimise our impact in this destructive practice. We will also only ever use solid precious metals as we believe that each and every piece should be of the very highest standard.


Our boxes, business cards and postcards are produced using 100% recycled and FSC certified materials and printed with water-based inks. Using recycled materials stops waste going to landfill as well as saving vast amounts of water and a surprisingly large amount of oil (recycling 1 tonne of cardboard saves us around 9 cubic metres of landfill space, 2600 litres of water, and 175 litres of oil). All of these items are also 100% recyclable.


Our natural cotton dust bags are Fairtrade certified and we are proud for them to be manufactured in India by a company helping to provide skilled employment and a fair wage for their employees. These are also printed with vegetable based inks.

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