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Pigpen & Birdbath is a creative design duo based in the UK. The concept design company was set up by the husband and wife team David and Annie in 2011, after 10 years of working in graphic design and illustration.

Pigpen & Birdbath’s designs are arranged in a series of quirky, colourful collections always combined with an element of fun. Pigpen & Birdbath’s works also feature bold colour and typography in their designs.

The name came about as a running in-joke between the creative duo – that he is the messy one while she can’t seem to contain water in the kitchen sink. “He always leaves a trail of dust and disaster behind him” explains Birdbath. “- Yes, but she always seems to leave a flood whenever she’s anywhere near water!” replies Pigpen. “Hang on a moment, I need to call Moses.”

Our philosophy:

We believe in a number of things about design. We believe it should be timeless. We believe it should be high quality. We believe it should be colour-orientated (we are obsessed with colour), and we believe it should be fun.

Pigpen: “Is that Weathered Slate?”

Birdbath: “No, it’s more like Dormant Storm.”

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Pigpen and Birdbath is a trading name of Copland Creative (Partnership). Partners: David Shannon and Annie Copland.

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