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About Pasta Evangelists

There's so much more to pasta than most know. We send fresh, artisanal pasta and authentic Italian sauces to your door. Create a five-star dish in five minutes.

Pasta Evangelists, a small London startup led by Alessandro, a real life Italian, delivers boxes of fresh, artisanal pasta & the finest sauces across the U.K. Pasta Evangelists invites you to prepare five-star pasta dishes in five minutes, bringing the authentic tastes of Italy to homes across the country.

There’s no need to be in for delivery, and it’s just as easy to take home from the office. Discover the true tastes of Italy with new recipes every week. We choose our recipes and pasta pairings carefully, with a story behind each posted on our weekly menu page. Real, fresh pasta is light but firm to the bite. A proper part of the dish, not just a side note. We are also delighted to have the support of 3 fantastic Evangelists - Great British Bake Off Star Prue Leith CBE, Top UK food critic Giles Coren and Masterchef judge & Editor of Waitrose Food William Sitwell.

Pasta Evangelists provides pasta of tremendous quality, easily rivaling the craftsmanship of top Italian restaurants, at a fraction of the price & with the added comfort of dining at home. Buon appetito!

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Our Story

We started Pasta Evangelists, wanting to show people a world of craftsmanship, centuries of artisanal tradition and, above all, some of Italy's finest dishes.

We believe fresh is best. Our founder, Alessandro, hails from Genova in the Italian region of Liguria, and was disappointed with the fresh pasta available in the UK, machine-made & a world away from the pasta of his youth, handmade by his nonna. And so Pasta Evangelists was born to bring fresh, artisanal pasta of Italian quality to homes across the UK.

We serve pasta lovers across the British Isles. We deliver our fresh pasta, sauces & garnishes in insulated packaging alongside chilled ice packs, meaning it’s not a problem if you’re not home for delivery: your food will stay cool and fresh until you’re back.

The ingredients we use in our dishes are almost entirely sourced in Italy, a country where the quality of ingredients is highly regarded and elaborate preparation deemed distraction.We work with suppliers across 'il bel paese' to bring the finest, and most authentic, tastes of Italy to homes across the UK.

Buon Appetito!

Alessandro and the Pasta Evangelists team

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  • "Best pasta I have ever tried out of Italy! Love this Brand! Quality and tradition are always guaranteed. Also the delivery service is excellent. - Google Review "
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    Alessandra Giulia Nastri

  • "Mind-blowingly good - Times Food Critic"
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    Giles Coren

  • "Who thought you could get amazing food like this through your letter box? Ordered 3 different meals and each one was unbelievably tasty! - Local Guide on Google Reviews."
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    Natalie Hutchins

  • "Nothing Less than 5 stars. This company has the best pasta dishes! I guarantee you will enjoy. -Trust Pilot"
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    Jeff Waters

Press Comments

"It was genuinely some of the best pasta we’ve ever eaten - we wouldn’t have been disappointed if we’d been served this in a restaurant."
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Jun 2018

"Essentially, you're in for an easy four-minute meal any day, any time, that still tastes undeniably fresh and authentic."
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Mar 2018

"And they’re good – a bright basil pesto had me devour a portion of tagliatelle in moments, while a rich duck lasagne was a joy to linger over."
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Mar 2018

"Oh my God. This is delicious."
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Dec 2017



- We provide overnight delivery across the UK & Northern Ireland, as well as to the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

- Within central London, we deliver from Monday to Sunday. Outside of London, we deliver from Tuesday to Saturday.

- Not going to be in? If you have a standard size letterbox and are a central London customer, our boxes will fit straight through your letterbox. All nationwide deliveries are packed in our insulated packaging to ensure they stay cold en route to you. If you’re not in, your delivery instructions will be used to make sure that you receive your pasta. E.g. Hide here or leave with number 22.

- Once you receive your dishes, they’ll keep in the fridge for up to 3 days. Alternatively, freeze for up to 2 months & cook directly from frozen.

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