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Experience life as a blacksmith at Oldfield Forge!

Welcome to "Oldfield Forge Experience Days," where the rhythmic clang of hammer meeting anvil echoes through time, and the age-old craft of blacksmithing comes to life. As you step into the rustic ambiance of Oldfield Forge, the scent of burning coal and the warmth of flickering flames greet you. Our seasoned blacksmiths, masters of their craft, stand ready to guide you through an unforgettable journey into the heart of this ancient trade.

The day begins with an introduction to the tools of the trade – hammers, tongs, and the glowing heart of the forge. You'll learn the art of manipulating red-hot iron, shaping it with precision and skill. Under the watchful eye of our expert blacksmiths, you'll forge your own masterpiece, whether it's a timeless piece of decorative ironwork or a functional tool to carry the legacy of your day at Oldfield Forge.

Uncover the secrets of the forge, discover the satisfaction of crafting with your own hands, and leave with a tangible symbol of your journey into the realm of Oldfield Forge.

The Main Forge At The Anvil Happy Forging!

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  • "Good idea for present, voucher arrived in good time"
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  • "Such a wonderful experience, learnt an amazing new skill, produced a sword that was far nicer than I thought we would be capable of and the guys that run the course are fantastic - patient and really great teachers. Can highly recommend Oldfield Forge and particularly the sword making for two"
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    Independent review

  • "Amazing day! We were really impressed with the two skilled, knowledgeable and charming blacksmiths who supervised us for the day. We got to do our own work with clear guidance and awareness of safety precautions. Would recommend - much better than getting sold a wedding ring in a shop!"
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  • "A Christmas present for a twenty five year old. He absolutely loved the gift and cant wait to book his day out."
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When you come to Oldfield Forge, you can enjoy a whole host of different experiences, inside and out of the forge! Our on-site facilities mean everybody

Whether it’s a family day out (kids as young as 7 can take part), a fun couples date day, or a larger group activity, there is something for everyone! You can even come and take part on your own for some ‘you’ time hammering metal!

If you’re not quite sure blacksmithing is for you, then our woodlands and showroom viewing area offers the perfect place to share the experience too. You can choose to capture some of the action on camera or relax and unwind with a book whilst the others get busy in the forge!

You can also enjoy browsing through our showroom and viewing what our Commission Blacksmiths have been up to. Our gift shop features plenty of souvenirs to remind you of your time with us.

For those with young children under the age of 7 years, the Woodlands area is an ideal place to entertain the children with our rope swing, woodlands trial hunt, and forest den making area, all overlooking the picnic area.

No special effects, rides or fast food outlets; just lots and lots of outdoor fun and adventure!

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