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Nudie Boards are handmade by Alby and Nic in hilly Surrey, England.

The idea behind Nudie Boards was seeded almost 20 years ago, when we rode our first skate ski on a surf trip in Cornwall. A wooden waterski with skate wheels… Who? Why? What the.... YES! We immediately took it to the nearest hill and started carving down towards the beach, where we had been surfing that morning. It felt amazing. So simple, so much fun. Everyone stopped to look. Everyone smiled as we cruised past them. We rode till nightfall. Then we strapped a torch to the front of the board and carried on, until we had not an ounce of energy left to smile. That’s how it began. It started as a quest... the quest to take the skateboard right back to its roots.

It’s kind of handy that Nic runs a design agency, and Alby is a product engineer and photographer. Take this and combine with a ridiculous passion for boards and boardsports. Mix in the love of designing and making beautiful boards, and you have Nudie Boards.

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