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About Myzeey

After years of lost, stolen, and downright boring phone charging cables, we’re mixing things up.

We personalise our phone cases, our home screens, and pretty much every other thing to do with our tech, so why not our charging cables? We’re changing that.

We’re all about self-expression and think that life’s too short to not be unapologetically yourself at every opportunity, so we take the best quality cables and give you endless options for customisation.

With fantastic colours & themes, charms and beads, make it as extra or as understated as you want and top it off with a clasp to make it wearable on your wrist, as a lanyard, clip to your bag or just keep it tangle-free, and protected!

“Who’s got my charger?”

Sound familiar? Yeah. With that in mind, we got to the drawing board to work out how to help people create unique tech-cessories to feel proud of. Myzeey was born for this. There’s nothing clever about how we came about – a simple idea to stop arguments about who owns what in a busy house turned into a way to help people express themselves creatively, stop chargers being stolen or lost… and even make the world a greener place – because when your charger is unmistakably yours, it goes everywhere with you, you’re more likely to look after it, and it’s most definitely less likely to get pinched by a pal or family member, no need for constant replacements and less plastic in landfill… or our oceans.

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In the Box
In the box

Whats Included

A 100% Certified USB charger included. Crafting Kit to make it yours Special Clasp perfect for Festivals and holidays.

A Certified Iphone charger or Andriod charger included in your Myzeey box, along with everything needed to make your Myzeey charger lead. Right from the unique packaging box with its own tray allowing you to store your accessiories. Uniqe coloured clasp so you can take your charger with you on the go on your wrist, clippped on your bag or wear as lanyard at a festival maybe, perfect for holidays and sleepovers? 4 coloured threads, 4 bags of beads, upto 10 letter charms, also thread cutters and marker pen to mark your lead for charms.

We supply everything, You just have the fun and make and own your charger. You made it! Stop others pinching yours.

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