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MiniKnots rugs for kids are woven by hand in Western Anatolia on traditional looms, using 100% wool.

MiniKnots was founded by Ulgen Semerci in 2018, the year she moved from Turkey to UK. Daughter of an established Istanbul based rug dealer, Ulgen herself has a background in Fine Arts and is a practicing artist. Combining her love for drawing and her knowledge of rugs, she started designing rugs for kids’ rooms that she has handwoven in villages in Western Turkey.

MiniKnots rugs represent a rare hybrid which brings together traditional rug making with modern design and playful narratives. MiniKnots pieces are a distinctive example of a mixed technique: they are simultaneously woven and knotted. The background in MiniKnots rugs is kilim (flatwoven) whereas the motives and figures are carpet (knotted), which gives an added sense of depth to each piece. This aesthetic has been especially implemented to attract the attention of infants and children.

Handmade Rugs for KidsHandmade Rugs for KidsHandmade Rugs for Kids
Playful, functional and meaningful

Making Memories

We make the rug, you make the story

MiniKnots rugs are designed by both our talented weavers and by MiniKnots founder director Ulgen Semerci, whose practice as an artist and knowledge of rugs has been critical in the origin of the brand. The imagery derives from a vast pool of sources and inspirations which range from: village life, pastoral scenes, nature, games and pastimes, such as hopscotch or counting sheep, traditional symbols and patterns in rug tradition.

MiniKnots rugs are designed to be playful, functional and meaningful whilst bringing colour and texture into a room. They come from an old tradition but they have a contemporary take. They are picturesque and symbolic: they have an open ended abstract quality inviting viewers to interpret images and make up stories. We believe these are the qualities by which MiniKnots stands out and will contribute to lives of children to hopefully become cherished heirloom pieces that will live for generations.

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