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Stand tall, feel empowered and be divine when wearing a headwrap designed by Knots UK.

Born in the US, but of Haitian descent, Knots UK owner Sandra has always loved wearing headwraps as a child, influenced by her Haitian Culture. She founded Knots UK after a friend who was undergoing chemotherapy asked her to teach her how to style one. She then helped others who had lost their hair to chemotherapy learn how to style a wrap which is where the initial idea for Knots came from.

Headwraps have been around for hundreds of years and were worn by our mothers and their mothers before them. They are versatile, practical and accentuate the wearer's beauty. Our mission is to continue this wonderful tradition.

Our stunning fabrics are sourced from women across the world, our head wraps are made by women in London for women of all backgrounds worldwide. We believe headwraps are a stylish way to dress up any outfit. They instantly add dimension and colour. They are a form of self expression. We think they are dope!

Woman in headwrapWoman in headwrap Woman in headwrap
Knots Founder
Knots Founder

About Me

I was inspired by a friend to create this brand after she was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair to chemotherapy.

I grew up wearing colourful head wraps which is common-place for women within the Haitian culture where my family originates from. Several years back, a friend who was undergoing chemotherapy asked if I could help her to wrap her head which made me realise that the process of head wrapping meant so much more to others than she knew. That experience encouraged me to help other women to wrap their hair and learn more about what it meant.

Inspired by the rich African culture, the headwraps created by Knots UK are a wearable statement to make women stand tall and confident in the society. The slogan of the company is ‘Be A Queen With A Crown’ and the fresh range of headwraps truly live up to that motto. Moreover, the philosophy behind this emerging brand is simple and is launched to enable women in embracing their style the way they want. Furthermore, these headwraps are hugely versatile and a wearable option for creating an all new signature style for fashionable women everywhere!

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  • "Absolutely love this brand! My favs are the solid wraps as they are a stretchy material and very easy to wear!"
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  • "Absolutely beautiful! Love the colours of the wraps! "
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