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A mixture of hand-crafted and machine-made, KNITTED SIGNS aspires to create artworks for your home which are both special and unique.

Founded by Alice Palmer, an award winning ex-fashion designer, KNITTED SIGNS came about after she designed and made artworks for friends' and family weddings and anniversaries.

Always a big fan of making thoughtful gifts, Alice found a way to create knitted artworks which incorporated themes with personalisation. Striking artworks such as LOVE and ROCK 'N' ROLL were made lovingly for various friends' weddings and due to the response she received from the guests, she realised a whole new business idea.

Even the logo for KNITTED SIGNS is based around a gift she made many years ago for her parents' 30th wedding anniversary - a small knitted cushion with 30 pearls lovingly sewn around the edge. This cushion still takes precedence on her mother's dressing table today, nearly twenty years later.

Alice Palmer's main goal for KNITTED SIGNS is to create beautiful artworks with a personal twist, which can simply be hung up on the wall and enjoyed for many years.

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