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Growing up with a mum who loved to always have candles burning (and would turn off any artificial lighting I wanted to use), our house always looked and smelt beautiful. After taking this same love for candle light to my own home, I realised we were both using candles that were full of pollutants, creating soot, burning too quickly, and were bad for our health and the envrionment. Burning a candle should not only be safe, it should represent home, warmth, happiness, relaxation, and your absolute favourite smell.

I created Island Candles so I could meticulously choose all of the ingredients, not only for their quality, but also with the environment in mind. Eco soy wax is a sustainable vegetable wax which burns for much longer than a normal paraffin candle, as well as burning much cleaner, creating less pollutants and soot.

Every flavour was selected to truly reflect some of lifes tastiest treats; whether its rich warm vanilla fudge, vibrant green tea or comforting apple crumble and custard, these candles will do your favourite the justice it deserves.

Each candle jar has a lovely wooden wick, and burns for upto 45 hours. Each set of tea lights is wrapped up with twine in a recycled kraft gift box, and burns for a total of 72 hours.

Everything is carefully chosen and created for you, finished with a bow, and sent to you with joy.

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