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Hot Smoked BBQ hot smoking kit

Hot & Cold Smoking Kits

Bringing BBQs alive with delicious smoky flavours

At Hot Smoked we're on a mission to bring delicious smoky flavours to BBQs everywhere. Since launching in 2008, we've created a brilliant range of award-winning innovative starter kits, designed to introduce adventurous outdoor cooks to using smoke flavour, all on a regular BBQ - no specialist kit required.

Each kit guides the user through the process with 'how to' guides, tips & techniques and recipe ideas, gleaned from our many years of hot and cold smoking experience. And it's not just all about meat, by the way; fruits, vegetables and desserts are all on the Hot Smoked menu.

Whether you plan to dabble with smoke flavour yourself or gift a starter kit to a foodie friend, our beautifully presented gift boxed kits will be all you need to get started.

Alyson Murray, founder of Hot SmokedHot Smoked starter kits, bringing BBQ to lifeA Hot Smoked kit, the Wood Chips Sampler
Hot Smoked Smoke & Spice BBQ Kit
Smoke & Spice BBQ Kit

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Award winning, artisanal products with environmentally friendly credentials

Hot Smoked has won a raft of Gift of the Year Awards, including overall winner in 2019, Finalist in 2020, Shortlist in 2021 and Finalist in 2022 - a clear endorsement from the retail gift industry and buying public alike. All our products are assembled by hand in Devon with FSC certified, sustainably sourced, pure, natural woods for smoking and recycled/recyclable packaging.

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