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Designer Nicholas Hemingway's Pencils

Handmade Mechanical Pencils

Designer Nicholas Hemingway designs and hand-builds beautiful mechanical pencils for designers, engineers,artists and architects including Lord Norman Foster.

Nicholas Hemingway's second cousin was a famous writer and his Grandfather, Philip Hemingway, was an engineer and draftsman in his early career. Both had a keen interest in stationery and this has been passed to Nicholas today.

Quality stationery should be appreciated as it was in a past age. Stationery, including pencils, should be treasured tools of a person's trade whether an artist, architect, engineer, designer or student. Nicholas' Mechanical Pencils are just that, handmade by himself on his Grandfather's lathe that was left to him when Phillip passed away.

In days gone by, pencils and other tools were not seen as disposable. The culture we live in today encourages a valueless attitude to many products we buy and these cheap products cause a lot of the world’s pollution. Due to mass production, they cost next to nothing. This cheap appeal to the masses encourages a disposable mindset towards them and so many are thrown away ending up in landfill at a cost to the environment.

Nicholas Hemingway designed his pencil to honour his Grandfather and used his prized lathe to create his first product for his stationery range. Nicholas enjoys making these pencils for his customers.

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