Harls&ted design peices with love for that incredible, emotional and exhausting journey known as motherhood.

H A R L S & T E D

Hi, my name is Lisa, mum to Harlie & Teddy who inspired me to start the brand

I’m a mummy to two amazing kiddies so all my quotes come from the heart and out of pure love.

Back in 2013 I gave birth to Harlie, pregnancy was a breeze and stress free, labour was labour, painful of course, but a blessing.

From the minute Harlie was handed to me I knew becoming a mother was everything I dreamt it would be.

She seemed so easy and I felt I took too motherhood straight away.

She slept through from the start and always had a smile on her little face, I genuinely can not remember a single tantrum.

So what was all the fuss about?

Then in 2015 I gave birth to Teddy this is when I truly believe I entered motherhood.

I experienced sleep deprivation and lots of tantrums, at times I thought my head was quite literally going to explode.

How could two children be so different?

Hence the Harls&ted sweat

'You never get two the same'

Teddy was definitely a challenge and taught me that motherhood was certainly not a breeze by a long stretch.

Tantrums were daily and his needs for me were extreme

Hence the Harls&ted sweat

'Remember when you used to pee alone'

I didn't for about a year!

Teddy has by far inspired me for most of my quotes and I couldn't be more grateful to him. I’m thankful everyday to be blessed with such a challenging, charming and loving little boy.

He has taught me to stand my ground even on days where it would of been so much easier to just give in.

I really am raising a Gent.

Hence the Harls&ted sweat

'Raising a Gent

I hope to pass on a healthy set of values to both of my children but more importantly always teach them to be kind.

Hence the Harls&ted sweat' teach them to be kind '

After all we are all 'winging it'

Sending lots of love from one mother to another.

Lisa x


A cool combo of chic and cosy designs, you will not be disappointed with the quality.

Harls&ted have featured in global magazines such as Glamour UK and Elle.

I have been running my brand from home for just over a year working around raising my two children.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I have enjoyed designing them, fashion is fun it doesn’t have to be so serious, a perfect addition to a mothers winter wardrobe

Everything comes gift wrapped as standard, the ideal gift for mothers everywhere.

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