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A beautiful 22.5cm light up globe of our Solar System

Unique gifts all year round.

Educational and unique gifts at affordable prices. LOOK FOR OUR UNIQUE 22.5cm LIGHT UP GLOBE OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM

Globee is a business based in London. Our products are unique, educational and innovative and we have both patent status and intellectual property design rights on many of them.

We hope that our globee products provide a lovely reminder of a trip for many reasons, perhaps a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, or perhaps for someone who has relocated somewhere completely new. Or perhaps it is for someone who went to University there or is saving up to go there. With our accompanying booklets, (which we are able to personalise), we have sought to make our globees educational as well as a great gift or souvenir. At globee, we have sought to 'Merge Knowledge with Pleasure'. We aim to ensure that all our unique gifts provide pleasure and that they are also a natural learning too. We believe that when something is fun and educational, a dual benefit is reached. We hope that we have achieved this with our light up globe of the Solar System. TO LEARN IS TO INSPIRE.

A light up globe of our Solar SystemA beautiful light up globe of our Solar systemA beautiful light up globe of our Solar System

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