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About Folky Dokey

Floral design inspired by the effortless beauty of nature

Hi, I'm Geraldine the sole creator at Folky Dokey!

I've always had a love affair with flowers. I remember as a child making daisy chains, rose petal perfumes and returning with handpicked bunches from the field across from our childhood home but it wasn't until later I became fascinated with how the changing seasons created a new beauty amongst what was left behind.

I began foraging for grasses and seedpods, drying them out naturally and then creating pieces of art that would last for years to come. This along with an instinctive knowledge of colours and textures drove me to research further and I began to include preserved, dyed and painted ingredients into my designs creating long lasting adornments that are not only beautifully unique but also have a minimal impact on the environment.

This store is where I want to create my most beautiful bespoke wreaths, no two pieces will be the same and with a little care you'll have a timeless piece to enjoy for years to come.

Dried flower hanging hoop, can be used as a piece of indoor art or for a alternative bride/bridesmaid bouquetDried flower heart, dried flower backdropDried flower installation, dried flower back drop, Dried flower wall hanging

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