Made by Helga is an independent fashion label established in 2011 by a St Martins alumnee Helga Stentzel. Folding her son's clothes one night, Helga was idly wondering if there was anything (except watching a movie) that could make that boring routine a little bit more interesting... A few moments later she took a pen and started to draw on the next t-shirt she was about to fold. That's how the very first puzzle t-shirt was born.

Today our t-shirts are printed on 100% Cotton in London using eco-friendly inks and best quality flocking. Every single product is carefully inspected for foldability before moving into a cosy brown box where they wait patiently to be worn, washed and folded over and over again. Foldie's philosophy is to encourage children to approach tasks playfully, to teach them that any problem can be solved if taken a little less seriously and a little more creatively.

The work on monster gloves (also known as Warmsters) commenced in early 2014, and a few months later the first pair was exhibited at Olympia. Because of their playful personality and bold colours, the gloves have initially been designed with children in mind. However, the number of requests for bigger sizes has been so overwhelming that Helga decided to make a few pairs for adults. After all, aren't most of us young at heart?!

Made by Helga is a family-run business, and by 'family-run' we mean that Helga works on new designs and prints them on T-Shirts, her husband does accounting and their children take part in numerous photoshoots.

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