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Welcome to FABLY

At FABLY you will find modern home décor collections handcrafted by Faryal using recycled materials, and responsibly sourced home accessories and gifts.

FABLY was born out of my strong interest in interior design and a passion for eco-friendly materials.

I used to work a full-time IT role. Whilst working I also studied interior design, and this is really when my creative juices were stirred!

When the world was asked to stay at home during the pandemic, I had some time to reflect and cultivate my interests beyond ideas.

I developed an interest in upcycling items within the home which is when I learned of a way to recycle paper into a moulding material when combined with concrete, and used this to create something quite contemporary and unique.

I also fell in love with a very different artistic method, fibre art. Macrame, weaving, and Macraweave became my therapy.

At the end of 2020 I nervously left the IT job to do something I love and will hopefully bring joy to others.

Fabric Art - FABLY Revitalise Macraweave Wall HangingOwner of FABLY - Faryal at workDecorative Tray - FABLY Revitalise Concrete & Recycled Paper Tray
Revitalise – The first FABLY collection using recycled materials
Revitalise collection

The Revitalise Collection

Revitalise – The first FABLY collection

The first FABLY collection, Revitalise, draws inspiration from the Japanese philosophy, Wabi-Sabi, which celebrates imperfect and aged beauty.

The last twelve months have brought instability and anxiety into many lives. And in that time, many of us sought out paths to peace of mind. Exploring nature and making meaningful connections within our immediate surroundings, and learning new skills brought us solace.

This need for tranquillity and an increasing curiosity in the environment led me to Wabi-Sabi.

The collection is Wabi, beauty in simple form, and Sabi, with the use of natural and reusable materials.

The materials in the handmade objects have been given a second life, a key Wabi-Sabi teaching, promoting impermanence and an understanding of perpetually changing art forms.

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