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Edition de Luxe debuts a range of silk scarves combining eye-catching colours with stunning hand-marbled prints.

Each design originates from the age-old technique of floating coloured inks and paints onto water. Gentle manipulation of the water’s surface creates unique patterns which are carefully captured onto paper. Tradition then meets technology with designs being uploaded digitally and printed onto luxurious silks. The scarves are then hemmed or fringed by hand to ensure the utmost quality.

Edition de Luxe was launched as a creative project which combined our mutual love of interior design and fashion. We wanted to create modern print designs which had their roots in traditional, familiar patterns. Marbling seemed a natural choice for us as we love the way you can only control the outcome to a certain degree making each print unique. Exaggerating the scale then gives the prints a modern twist.

Edition de Luxe creates timeless, covetable products with lashings of individuality, artistry and elegance. Creating unique designs in stand-out prints, Edition de Luxe delivers a traditional practice to contemporary fashion which will transform your look.

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