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Obsessed with wellness and Ayurveda, solicitor turned medical herbalist, Emma-Louise runs Eat Live, a London business making ferments, detoxes and bliss baths

Hi I’m Emma-Louise and I run Eat Live

I was a run down solicitor with two young children, chronically ill and getting nowhere with the medication I was getting from my GP. Eventually out of desperation I took matters into my own hands and started researching natural healing.

That’s when I found out about gut health and before long I was detoxing regularly, studying medical herbalism, Ayurveda and making my own kimchi with all the specific probiotic strains I wanted, and I was getting better, really quickly!

I realised I wanted to do the same for others so (being a quick acting Vata in Ayurvedic terms!) I set up a stall at my local farmers market and called my little operation Eat Live - as in to eat live or living foods! I took on Elizabeth, my right hand woman, my husband became our delivery driver and head of the ferments operation.

5 years later and we are helping people eat and live their way back to health with our Ayurvedic inspired approach to wellness.

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Ayurvedic Bliss Baths

Our awards

Great Taste 2018 for our Cucumber and Mint Kraut / Finalist for the Health and Wellbeing Awards 2021 - Ayurvedic Inspired Bliss Baths

At Eat Live we hand make everything in our little 5 star rated kitchen in Enfield, North London. We use the best quality ingredients, organic where possible. We are a mission driven business and our aim is to be a force for good in the world. We have a framework for wellness which includes seasonal detoxing with supportive products in between.

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  • "The kimchi is delicious, as well as the ayurvedic tea blend. I'm hooked! Not to mention the raw chocolate and magnesium baths, both lush in their own ways. After completing the Emma's cleanses, I've found my whole diet shifting thanks "
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    Audrey J

  • "I've been eating your kimchi and using your products for years now and my digestion has never been better"
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    Ralph B

  • "I'll be putting in another order soon, they are such a fav I need to have them in my fridge always!"
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    Stevie G

Press Comments

"Emma-Louise Follows is a medical herbalist and founder of Eat Live, a London-based mission-driven wellness business making handcrafted gut-healing and Ayurvedic products, available internationally. "
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Jan 2021


We ship with 48 hour delivery (refrigerated for ferments). Tracking updates will be emailed direct from the courier.

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