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Award-winning, organic gourmet mushroom farm nestled on the spectacular wilds of Scotland. Adored by the finest chefs, restaurants + foodies.

On our family-owned Estate, where nature and beauty reign supreme, we cultivate an exquisite collection of organic gourmet mushrooms with utmost care, kindness and patience.

The finest restaurants and private chefs across the nation adore our gourmet mushrooms, and we are absolutely thrilled to now make them available on NOTHS!

At Deer Manor, the air is fresh, remote, and pure; rare birds soar overhead, fish swim meandering burns, and deer and red squirrels freely roam. Our farming processes reflect the tranquility of our surroundings - they are patient, unhurried, and peaceful.

Our mushrooms are truly a culinary treat, boasting an exquisite taste that can be attributed to the exceptional remote growing conditions in which they thrive. Absorbing nothing but the organic goodness that nature intended, they are nurtured in small, delicious batches.

But we are more than just the nation's leading organic gourmet mushroom farm. We believe that environmental stewardship and social responsibility go hand-in-hand with cultivating delectable and rare gourmet mushrooms. Our practices are environmentally respectful, leaving a minimal carbon footprint, and we strive to magnify the social impact of our mushrooms.

You will find us enchanting crowds at exhibitions, festivals, and fairs, captivating with our stunning gourmet mushroom displays. We gift mushroom compost to all, allowing our fungi to nourish the earth as nature intended. Additionally, we take immense pride in offering empowering, well-paid employment opportunities within our rural community. Ultimately, our aim is to use mushrooms as a catalyst to elevate our bodies, community, environment, and the wider world (no small order!).

While we are proud to feature in the press, win awards, and grace the menus of upscale eateries, our greatest pride lies in being the choice for families, and customers all across the country.

Deer Manor's Organic Lion's Mane MushroomsDeer Manor's Organic Pioppino MushroomsDeer Manor's Organic Golden Enoki Mushrooms
Owner of Deer Manor with a chef-supporter

Our patient processes

Award-winning, certified organic, patient-processes. Suppliers to the finest chefs, restaurants and foodies.

The finest chefs + restaurants adore our slow processes:

1. Mycelium harvested from deeply nourishing, tasty mushrooms are extracted, cultured + left to grow in a nutrient-rich, sterile broth.

Takes 3-6 weeks

2. In sterile conditions, the mycelium-rich broth is mixed with steam-sterilised grain or wild bird seed + placed in warm, dark conditions to colonise.

Takes 5-12 weeks

3. In sterile conditions once more, the colonised grain is mixed with steam-sterilised organic Scottish wheatbran + virgin hardwood sawdust to make logs. These logs are then rested in warm, dark conditions which simulate mycelium colonising underground during summer.

Takes 1-6 months

4. Once colonised, the logs are shocked out of their slumber + placed in a windy, humid + cool environment. This ‘cold shock’ simulates autumn + encourages mushrooms to fruit.

Takes 1-12 weeks

5. Once mature, our mushrooms are harvested by hand and packaged in biodegradable punnets ready for same day dispatch.

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  • "Scrumptious and flavourful. A real treat!"
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    Melanie B.

  • "Beautiful to look at and work with. Versatile and delicious."
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    Chef Tony R.

  • "Your mushrooms were the perfect intro to the world of gourmet mushrooms for us. We had no idea there were so many types!"
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    Krishanti S.

  • "Gorgeously packaged. The recipient was thrilled. Thank you."
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    Sam L.

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We grow mushrooms patiently, organically, without chemicals and on their schedule. This means there may be rare occasions when we need to delay dispatch by up to 7 days so that the mushrooms are picked at their prime (just before maturity). We'll let you know if this needs to happen. Please let us know in the message section if yours is an urgent or date-specific order.

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Polbae, Newton Stewart, DG8 6RZ, GB

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Due to the perishable nature of our mushrooms, we do not accept returns. However, your satisfaction is our priority. If you do have any problems, please let us know as soon as possible and we'll try our hardest to sort it.

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