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Cracking Cookies were named from the signature crack of a fortune cookie when cracked open to receive your fortune. We were created from the frustration that, when given a fortune cookie, the fun part was quickly cracking your cookie open to reveal your message but throwing the tasteless and cardboard-like cookie to one side.

Well no more!

Our fortune cookies are all hand-crafted from a secret recipe and process to transform the once bland tasting fortune cookie into a delicious fortune treat. Here at Cracking Cookies we give you gifting superpowers and place the "power of surprise" in your hands with our fortune cookie gifts for absolutely any occasion. Send your very own Unique Gesture from fully personalised fortune cookie gifts to selecting one of our many occasion gift boxes from Dinner parties to Birthdays and Baby showers to Marriage proposals. Our fortunes are excellent 'To Give, To Keep or To Share' for any occasion or event,

We're not just in the business of making any old cookies, we exist to make the most delicious natural fortune cookies ever. Our flavours speak for themselves, and we hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them. The gift of fortune Cookies is one they won't forget so create some special memories and get cracking and create some of your very own fortune magic.

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