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Our speciality is Organic, Natural & Vegan Certified Makeup. Bringing you luxury, great value & the power of nature to enhance your natural beauty!

The company was founded by Jay Bharj and his passion for helping his wife Amy. It inspired the creation of Club Organix a few years ago & launched for the first time in public at the London beauty show in 2016!

His wife had used many products for her sensitive skin and would always react, leading him on a path researching into better formulations where he discovered a great deal about the industry. Firstly the shocking side of animal testing and secondly the use of cheap ingredients, harmful fillers and toxins. He thought to himself, why can't makeup actually nourish and benefit the skin! From here he began developing a makeup line which would be natural, ethical & vegan certified. After helping his wife he set out to help the world!

Along the journey, he noticed most companies only had a general range, nothing specific to individuals and wanted the Club Organix collection to benefit everyone capturing all skin types, undertones & colours so consumers would not have to mix shades & just make do!

The company focused on being the best in 3 key areas: Foundations, Lipsticks & Eyeshadows. This has been achieved by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients & they now offer a massive 70 Eyeshadows, 36 Foundation shades and 30 Lipstick colours which enables their customers to create looks only others can dream of!

After huge success, the Club Organix team are super excited for the journey ahead & will continue to add value wherever possible whilst keeping their customers at the heart of everything they do. Jay feels strongly that customer care should be deeply rooted within all parts of the business so, this, combined with excellent quality will ensure generations to come will benefit from the Club Organix range.

Thankyou all for being a part of our journey!

Jay Bharj

CEO & Founder

Cruelty Free


Proud to hold the Vegan Certification which means no animal testing & eco-friendly. Caring for you, for them and the environment!

Along my journey I noticed the shocking and unethical side of the industry being animal testing & the use of harmful ingredients which lead me into sourcing only the highest quality ingredients & getting Vegan certified. All ingredients are plant based or derived which means no animal by-products giving all backgrounds & faiths access to the range. From day one we decided to do things the right way and have a makeup line we are proud of! Built from love, passion & strong ethics.

Just natural & safe makeup formulated to nourish and let your skin breathe!

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  • "Jasmine’s beauty therapy – October 4, 2016: Absolutely love this foundation ! Iv been in the beauty industry for over 10 years, tried & tested many brands & products. And i have to say this is the best foundation Iv used, the more natural products are the more your skin will adapt & love it! It blends in smoothly, covers thoroughly, brightens, & best of all doesn’t clog your pores! Jasmine’s beauty therapy Spa find , mud & salt experts"
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    Jasmine’s beauty therapy

  • "Mary Fallah Nov 26 2016 I bought the rose petal lipstick last month and it’s been one of the best products I’ve ever had in my possession. The colour is vibrant – especially on dark skin types and has long wear. I’ve found that I don’t need to repeatedly reapply, because of this. The lipstick not only gives an amazing look, it also feels amazing on my lips. My lips are left feeling moisturised and soft. Thanks you guys – really love the product. I get nothing but compliments!!"
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    Mary Fallah

  • "Toni – Feb 5, 2017 I don’t usually buy powder foundation as it makes my skin look dry, but after allowing the Club Oganics team to convince me to try it at the Health & Beauty show Olympia I was amazed. It was light soft and the coverage was brilliant giving me a beautiful natural yet flawless look. I even brought right there and then. I love the way they have made a product so safe yet so natural. I’m one happy customer who will be back."
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  • "I love eyeshadows and have brought many over the years and these mineral powder eyeshadows are by far the best. I found them to be extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way, such great value for money! I am really impressed with the range and quality, yet most importantly the ethics of NO animal testing. I have come across other organic and vegan makeup lines but they don’t come close in comparison to quality and range that Club Organix provide!"
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    Makeup Fanatic!


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