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Given our chocolates to Dragon's Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman


Handcrafting delicious artisan Fairtrade, Organic, and UTZ certified (sustainably farmed cocoa) vegan chocolate creations for all chocolate lovers.

Our goal is to bring to the world beautiful and delicious artisan vegan-friendly chocolates. Whilst minimising our carbon footprint and maximising contributions to a sustainable and eco-conscious farming community.

Founded by Michael and Wiktoria, a true marketing wizz kid and an experienced chocolatier. The name Cheeky Nilla actually comes from our beloved family member, Vanilla the rabbit. Vanilla being more dog than a rabbit; adventurous, loyal, cuddly, and loveable. No better name for a vegan chocolate business, Cheeky Nilla.

Vanilla, a member of the family and more dog than a rabbit. Adopted at a very young age after being bullied for being the runt of the litter, he was adventurous, loyal, cuddly, and loveable. He would often follow us throughout the house, hops onto the sofa when we’re watching tv, and nuzzle up to us. Cheeky Nilla. for beautiful mesmerising crafted artisan vegan chocolates is a tribute to Vanilla, now hopping joyfully in rabbit heaven with friends.

From large orders to bespoke chocolates, we've delivered our chocolate creations around the world, from weddings, birthdays to corporate events; Vungles, Geoffrey Milton Ltd, Tropic Skincare Ltd.

Proud to be a Vegan Trader. Support vegan-run businesses, reg no: 00462.

Featured on LiveKindly, Vegan Food & Living, ChocolatierUK, Vegan Babe Life (Top 50 Vegan Blogger), LottieLoves ASMR, and many more.

Sharing our chocolates with dragon's Peter Jones and Touker SuleymanEaster Chocolate HouseBefore making anything, we brainstorm and design our chocolate creations.
Handcrafted chocolates

Our Ethos

By choosing Cheeky Nilla chocolates, you’re supporting initiatives in sustainable farming and paying cocoa farmers a living wage to support their families.

We do our best to source quality ingredients from certified vegan, organic, and fairtrade certified suppliers and farmers, so you can enjoy our chocolate guilt-free. Furthermore, our chocolate bar packaging is plant-based, 100% biodegradable, and compostable.

The cocoa from our white and milk-alternative chocolates are from cooperative farms in the Dominican Republic. A farm cooperative involves a network of member farmers who reap many benefits of doing business as a unit. Individual farms work together to buy necessary supplies and services, as well as distribute, market and sell their products.

All our cocoa is Fairtrade and UTZ certified. UTZ is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop sustainable agricultural supply chains so that farmers can work professionally and according to good practices. UTZ works to foster greater responsibility in the cocoa industry by demanding and rewarding sustainably grown products. ‘A better price for a better product.'

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  • "Outstanding. Simply beautiful creations. I'm a returning customer and have ordered many times."
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    J M

  • "The most beautiful chocolates I have ever seen!! My mum was overjoyed!! Thank you so much guys!! Highly recommend!! "
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    Alice R

  • "Loved the creativity of the designs, really appreciated the sellers quick response to my query."
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    Sophie S

  • "Bought for my husband as part of anniversary gift. We scoffed the lot! Yummy and beautifully packaged and presented."
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Press Comments

"Indulge in unique, hand-crafted and delicious chocolates you won’t find anywhere else."
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Mar 2020

"Family-focused, fair trade, vegan-friendly chocolate brand - offers this dairy-free hamper, packed with indulgent treats"
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Mar 2019

"Paired with the salty caramel and sweet crunchy bananas, this is a well-balanced, indulgent and satisfying bar."
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Sep 2020

"The strawberry flowers are dangerously moreish and beautifully painted, almost delicate. "
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Aug 2020


Don’t forget, all our chocolates are homemade. We strive to ensure all our chocolates are freshly made for the best taste and quality. All orders placed (Monday-Friday) will have a 1-3 days processing time and dispatched the next working day and in some instances, the same day the order has been completed.

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