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Jalabil exists to connect you to Mayan women in Mexico and Guatemala and the beautiful textiles they create. Together we produce a variety of limited edition scarves, shawls and homewares with the back strap loom, an ancient Mayan tradition.

Everything at Jalabil is made with 100% cotton. In Mexico we produce a wide range of vibrant textiles using cotton dyed with ecologically certified colours, whereas in Guatemala we produce a more subtle range of textiles using naturally dyed cotton, another ancient tradition we are proud to help preserve.

In both cases our cotton is soft, warm and hypoallergenic, and, unlike modern machined textiles, our unique back strap loom woven textiles are designed to last a lifetime. Lovingly handmade over a few days, each item truly reflects the personality and technique of its weaver. So whilst all of our ranges are limited edition, in reality no two items are ever the same.

Plus, beyond owning a unique example of Mayan textiles, every purchase you make enables us to continue to provide both the steady income and the resources the weavers need to support their families, preserve their traditions, and shape a more sustainable future for their children.

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