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Nurture with nature

Botanicals By Beacon was created in 2019 by myself, Alexandra. I was pregnant with my first born, baby George and attempting to navigate a pregnancy through a pandemic - certainly not how I ever dreamt my experience would be.

Through worries of being alone during scans and labour, as well as all of the uncertainty that comes as a first time mam, it was a tough time. Essential oils were my go-to for self-care, connecting my mind, soul and body with my growing little boy.

Creating my own blends gave me an incredible sense of joy and purpose, so I thought - why not share my outlet and passion in case there are other mums in my position.. and then, Botanicals by Beacon was born. Clean, natural products were at the heart of and will forever remain our foundation ethos.

Myself, in my Grandma & Grandad's garden as a little girl

From the very beginning...

From a little girl, to the mother I am today, essential oils have become a major part of my life

As a little girl, I loved to be outdoors, with especially fond memories of playing in my grandparents garden. The colours of the flowers, the different smells of flowers and herbs; it was all very exciting. My granny would send us to sleep with a cotton bud, scented with a few drops of lavender essential oil, easing us into a soft and gentle sleep.

This is a habit I have continued into my adult life and one that I used even when in labour - the smell took me back to a comforting place, somewhere calm and peaceful, allowing me to ground myself and centre my mind at a time I needed it most.

Little did I know, aromatherapy would become more than just a career, but a lifestyle for me and apart of my everyday routine. I hope you love your products from us and that they bring you a moment of peace and calm -

thank you,


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