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Bringing elegance into the everyday!

My ceramics are inspired by the natural world. From the patterns of sand on a deserted beach, to the warm tones in the evening sky, the earth has many different ever-changing facets and never ceases to amaze me.

As all the ceramics are made with entirely natural ingredients, from the clay to the chemicals quarried from the earth to make the glazes, I like to think that Barton Croft tableware reflects the quality of the materials.

With simple glazes and forms, I let the materials speak for themselves and avoid over-complication of the design. Gentle curves in the forms, and natural happy accidents such as an organic glaze drip often occur, which I celebrate.

From afar, a forest of trees all look the same and yet close up each has its own distinctive personality. This is reflected in my work; each vessel is formed individually on the pottery wheel, with small nuances but fundamentally the same.

In the busy hustle of modern day life, we often forget to take a moment to sit and quietly reflect.

I’d like to think that Barton Croft ceramics serve as a gentle reminder – warm your hands with your early morning coffee and watch the sun come up. Or take out the dinner plates and invite a few friends round and enjoy a simple meal and each other’s company.

My philosophy is to appreciate the small moments in life; it’s altogether too easy to be busy and let them slip away forever.

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All our ceramics are made to order, so please allow between 2 - 4 weeks for production. All orders will be shipping out within 30 days of placing your order.

I ship internationally, and within the UK I use a next day courier service. I ensure all the ceramics are sufficiently packaged (each piece comes in an individual box), so you can rest assured they are well protected whilst making their journey to you. International shipping times depend on the country - the USA is between 2 - 5 working days, Europe is 3 - 7 working days. If you live in a different country, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I can work out shipping time for you.

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Barton Croft, 45 Aston Road, Waterlooville, PO7 7XJ, GB

Terms and Conditions

In the unlikely event of your ceramics arriving damaged, send me a photo of the damage within 24 hours of the parcel being delivered, and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

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