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Welcome to Wolf & Ink, a letterpress design and print studio. Letterpress is a traditional printing process that creates a beautiful textured finish. Here at Wolf & Ink we love to combine this traditional hand-craft process with contemporary graphics and colours.

Wolf & Ink was set up by Julia Wolfe, a qualified architect and stationery aficionado, who fell in love with letterpress due to the amazing tactile quality of the prints, which had so much more personality than the standard printing methods today. Having given her heart to letterpress printing, she set to work creating designs that suited that printing style perfectly, drawing on inspiration from everywhere, Japanese fabrics to 18th century engravings, Liberty prints to modern architecture.

Key to the ethos behind Wolf & Ink was to create a sustainable business that was part of the revival of traditional crafts and trades. All the materials and suppliers are recycled and sourced within the UK. Each item is handmade on antique equipment, a vintage guillotine for cutting, and the printing press itself is over 100 years old.

At Wolf & Ink we specialise in personalised products. Our range includes wedding stationery, personal stationery and greetings cards.

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Terms and Conditions

Letterpress printing is a traditional printing process, we use a hand-fed and treadle powered press for printing as such variations within the job are to be expected. Whilst we endeavor to minimize these variations we cannot guarantee the final product to be flawless. These small variations mark the handmade nature of the process.

Samples provided are done so as an indication of how the product will appear, including card quality etc. However we will not guarantee the exact match of any sample to the final printed product.

All our ink colours are hand-mixed so variations will occur between different print runs.

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Please see's terms & conditions.