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Do you need a gift for a true wine lover? Then look no further

We specialise exclusively in Italian wines from small, boutique wineries.

Wines of high quality, unique character and not available to the gross distribution.

Simply select the level of your gift - "Enthusiast", "Expert"; "Top of the Crop" - and choose something that will surprise and delight the recipients!

None of our wines are available in any major shop or supermarket, even though we supply a few selected, independent wine shops.

We only work with small, artisan wineries, tiny plots attended by brave, bold and honest individuals that have decided to create wines that are unique, authentic and undeniable, in styles that are as diverse and engaging as the characters behind them.

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The Italian Conundrum

Italy, a country that barely covers 0.5% of the world's land, provide us with almost 1000 grape varieties (out of 6000 worldwide) produced by over 300k wineries.

Basically, if you were to try a different Italian wine every week (not a different brand, a completely different wine) it would take you 20 years to complete your exploration!

Out of this immense offering, only the bigger players manage to have their names known in the UK market.

Our dream is for small and micro producers to have their stories told; their efforts recognized and ultimately their wines known and appreciated.

While on paper their operations might seem minuscule there is nothing modest about their wines, their principles and the values they stand for.

And once you get to know them we are sure you’ll agree with us.

Dario & Veronica

wine revolutionaries

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