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Ethically made clothes created with love, spirit and feeling ~ Smile ..happiness is contagious! :)

** 'forget the fashion rules' **

Verry Kerry is a passionate & ethical brand that designs clothes to create a feeling that lasts forever instead of focussing on ‘fashion’ that lasts a season. We ultimately want to encourage people, all people, around the world to SMILE ... afterall, happiness is contagious :)

Growing up in Zambia, Central Africa, it was the vibrant, bold & incredibly beautiful African textiles that always brought a smile to my face. Despite the obvious hardships that surrounded my fellow Zambians, it was their persistence in wearing these magnificent, colourful & exciting prints that continues to inspire me. I was also fortunate enough to grow up in Australia which inspired my love for simple, easy, realxed shapes with a beachy summertime holiday feel that transforms your mood instantly and that you can wear from the beach, to the bbq, party, festival or bar seamlessly. I encountered the same bold passion for colour & fabric when I first traveled to mystical India. It is there where my dreams & ideas come to life in feather soft, exquisite fabrics exceptionally made by ethical, socially compliant, Fair Trade approved manufacturers. We happily support various community charities through the people we work with as well as NGO 'Green the Gap' which we are verry proud of.

My vision is to combine these bold, smile evoking fabrics with simple, comfortable, timeless shapes that will soon become your friends for life. Not only will you smile wearing Verry Kerry .. we believe you will inspire others to smile around you too.

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