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Cute stuff illustrator with a science twist!


My name is Alia, a London born creative, mostly self-taught and thoroughly unorganised mum of 2 little girls!

I am a complete quantum physics nerd who loves drawing vector illustrations. Put the two together I find myself creating science and nature inspired designs! Bold, colourful, simple, cute and often educational.

You'll find I offer a selection of science inspired prints for grown-ups but also some maps/educational posters for children. Fun for young and older alike!

My designs are colourful, cute and in many cases quite minimal.. I have a lot of fun designing them and they all have to meet approval of my two young daughters first. Of course.

Thanks very much for taking the time to look around my store, if you have any questions please get in touch I am always happy to hear from you.

Other ventures include a YouTube channel for small children, featuring my designs, in an attempt to offer something a little calmer than what's out there.

Space CatMilky Way CartonMe, the designer, maker and all round doer

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  • "Absolutely in love with these. It can be difficult to find prints of children with different skin tones & hair types"
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    Luciana G

  • "My daughter was delighted with her print. So refreshing to see characters for girls that have short hair and look strong"
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    Aurelie L

  • "THESE ARE SOOOO DARN CUTE! Thank you so much!!!!! I LOVE them!"
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    Cody G

  • "great customer service! I love my print."
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