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A selection of tiny clay dishes with jewellery on them

For the nature inspired

Imperfect, organic and simple clay decor for your rustic, nature inspired home.

"Flaws and imperfections hold a unique charm, drawing our eyes with their natural grace.

They echo the organic shapes of nature, evoking a sense of familiarity and beauty."

I love items with organic shapes, they are the most interesting to look at and mirror nature with their irregular and imperfect shapes. Having left the big city (London) and moved to a more rural part of England my appreciation for nature has truly blossomed.

Hoping to make this a full time venture, my dream is to spend my days working with clay and creating beautiful pieces which resonate with my love for this gorgeous style.

Irregular Clay DishScalloped Clay DishPeace and love dish set
Small clay leaf shaped dish with real leaf inside. Clay dish.
Tiny but beautiful

How it's made

Each dish individually hand-crafted with love

Made in small batches, I prepare a hot cup of tea and start to work kneading air-dry clay until smooth. Each dish starts as a ball then is rolled flat, cut into shape, peppered effect is added at this point. I then take each piece and delicately hand shape the scallops or the waves then leave to dry for at least 24hrs before casually painting gold rims.

Once the gold has dried each dish gets a coat of thick gloss, then it's ready to go.

My style is imperfect, my customers like this style too. I embrace the unique beauty found in imperfection, for me it has distinctive charm and character, similar to that found in nature.

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If you're not happy with your dish for any reason I will accept your returns and provide a full refund. Sometimes we just don't know if we like something until we see it right? :)

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