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Nostalgia Got Naughty! Your childhood treats with an adult twist...

We started off our frozen treat journey in 2019 as we were fed up with ice pops being full of artificial colours, preservatives and E numbers and as a result, decided to reinvent them!

We began handmaking award-winning ice pops using real fruit, 100% natural ingredients, and a whole lotta love! Kids (and adults) loved them and word spread quickly! We went from pushing an ice pop cart around Nottingham City Centre, to stocking dozens of shops up and down the country and selling thousands of pops per week!

After years of being pestered to "add a drop of alcohol in" we finally bit the bullet and now have our Tipsies range of 'Extraordinary Frozen Cocktails' that have that naughty dash of alcohol everyone asked for... we handmake each and every ice pop in Nottingham and use real fruits such as Ecuadorian Passionfruit, Ghanian Pineapple and a dash of high-quality alcohol!

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