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The Personal Barber delivers the finest quality traditional wet shaving products to sophisticated gents. Our aim is get you to actually enjoy your morning ritual by introducing the lost art of the wet shave.

We cater to the stylish man that cares about his appearance and wants the best quality shave available from the comfort of his own bathroom.

We don't rely on gimmicks such as multiple bladed razors, we provide a classic safety razor with a double edge blade, a shaving brush, replacement blades, shaving soap and more. All of this ensures you get the most comfortable smooth shave as well as keeping your skin in the best possible condition. No more shaving irriation or razor bumps.

The Personal Barber philosophy is that you should not just get a great shave, but enjoy the act of shaving itself. A common remark from our subscribers is how they now look forward to their morning ritual.

Joining our monthly subscription service also keeps you excited and looking forward to each box as every month you get to try new soaps with different smells and textures as well as oils, balms, alums and colognes. Variety is the spice of life, why be held to the same product for months on end when you can make shaving fun?

Never wet shaved before? Everything you need is included in our traditional shaving kit as well as a handy step by step guide.

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