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Hand-painted London phone box illustration, with safari animals. On pink background behind teddy and puppet.

About Us

Never Grow Up

We want to create and see REAL change.

Our moonshot goal would be to create a change in the curriculum. We would LOVE to see a curriculum which utilises creativity and which values the benefit of creativity for both the wider society (problem-solving, creative thinking citizens) and the children (creativity is proven by many studies, one being the World Health Organisation, to help protect against poor mental health).

But even astronauts took baby steps once, and so we made a small collection of handprinted, colourful, retro style prints - inspired by learning, imagination, and self-confidence. We may be able to take bigger steps very soon, but for now we are also looking after a pretty cool 7 year old and a real baby, and helping her with her own little steps, and so our product range is small but mighty, and steadily growing each day.

Hand painted positive quote print about mental health, featuring a heart and a rainbow on a blue background. In front a red head girl plays with legoHand painted body positivity print featuring flower on lilac backgroundself portrait on pink background with smiley faces
London Bus and London phone box with animals and rainbow typography.

Our Purpose

To Inspire young people to be creative, to love learning, love their planet and most importantly love themselves.

Children are magic. Every child has a unique gift ready and waiting to give to the world. If they aren't given the opportunity they may never find out. How many John Lennon's, Lucien Freuds, or J. K. Rowlings are sat in a classroom now with no idea of their potential? The Lost Club aims to create a range of products, starting with prints, which encourage, inspire, and give confidence to young people to help build a better future.

We are unique, because our products are driven by a desire to initiate social change specifically for young people. We see a world which is more uncertain than it has ever been and we want to be a beacon for young people. Our hand painted designs would appeal specifically to younger people but also adults who are young at heart. Though our message is aimed at children it applies to the child in everyone.

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  • "Lovely print! Looks perfect on my Daughter's bookcase. The quality of the print is very good - would purchase again."
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    Becky G

  • "Purchased for my classroom and the children all ask about this print. Thank you."
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    Kate S

  • "Very pleased with my purchase, the quality is very good and the packaging was a nice touch."
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    James T

  • "Brilliant service and a very uplifting print. "
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    Jess R


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